Engagement photoshoot in Piran / by Anže Mulec

It was a while since i last posted, actually i am not a guy of many words when it comes to writing, meeting me personally its totaly different story. :)

So i decided i should start using blog more, especially for all different lifestyle photoshoots that are not weddings but are closely related. I am talking about engagement, family portraiture, elopements and so on. Also some full story weddings might be published here in the future.

To show you something new and to make this blog "great again" ( :P ) i am publishing a really nice engagement photoshoot from Piran that we just did yesterday with awesome couple Tanja and Patrik. It was a perfect weather and time of the day, also wind and waves and that fresh sea air... We did some walk through Piran and you dont have to look a lot to find great photo spots, the sunlight has its playground in those narrow streets and makes lots of contrasty and colorful scenes. It was a pure joy for all of us and i can tell that i never get borred doing photoshoots like this one. So where will my next couple take me? :D